Thompson Spencer is a dynamic and global independent creative group harnessing a team of experts across a range of specialised fields.
We are driven by audacious goals, incredibly high expectations and the belief that the magic is in the detail. Our philosophy is to deeply appreciate the importance of communities. Why?

Because we understand that your community is the lifeline of your brand and when that community is robust there’s nothing stopping you.

By paying close attention to their likes, dislikes, and priorities, we learn, navigate and empower your business to create exceptional products, deliver outstanding service, and provide unparalleled experiences.

Our approach to creativity and storytelling is rooted in heart and fuelled by data - using your community as the ultimate feedback loop on how to navigate, improve and grow.

We are constantly pushing the envelope to exceed expectations and break new ground.
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Our brands bring their unique strengths and perspectives that contribute to the group's collective success.