The Social Club


The Brief

Iconic gum brand, 5Gum, engaged Socialites to re-launch their product to the NZ market. Ideating a campaign around the idea that ‘Life Happens in 5’, we wanted to get New Zealanders popping 5Gum and diving into things that challenged them.

The Work

With maximum reach needed amongst the under 30s, TikTok and Instagram were our go-to social platforms. 

We knew the best way to drive buzz would be by engaging influencers. However, it wouldn’t be just any influencer who could rock this campaign - we needed adventure bunnies who had a knack for producing creative content. We tasked them with showcasing wild and entertaining moments experienced while chewing 5 Gum. 


We did what we do best, hunting out creators that would fit the campaign perfectly. With 38 pieces of content produced by our 16 influencers, we reached 1.4M people across Instagram and TikTok. This was an impressive result, well and truly ticking the campaign objective of driving awareness in the NZ market. 

The results of this campaign reflect the high quality of the content, with the TikTok campaign trumping the 4.1% industry average with an unbelievable 24.15% engagement rate, and the Instagram campaign more than tripling the industry average engagement rate.