Invivo x SJP

The Brief

We were presented with a hefty challenge: break into an already cluttered global wine market in a shrinking category, to launch a new wine collaboration - InvivoXSJP - into the social sphere. With a to-do list including fast brand awareness, rapid social community growth, and a mandate to build unprecedented levels of queue-forming FOMO, we hit the ground running.

The Work

We created the ultimate InvivoXSJP takeover on Facebook and Instagram. Using jaw-dropping creative, consumers were led through a funnel of brand awareness, reach, education and engagement. We successfully launched onto the world stage through a social-first activation, creating brand loyalists and building a seriously engaged online community. 


The results reached, then surpassed expectations, with InvivoXSJP becoming an instant hit, and Invivo successfully selling out of its global allocation for annual sales. As for the ‘create FOMO’ objective? We had people queuing up the street and around the corner in New York City.

Within the first week, ‘Invivo X, SJP’ has become one of the best sellers on, it’s one of the most successful launches we’ve seen”. - Mike Osborne, Founder and Executive Vice President of