The Social Club

John West Tuna

The Brief

John West holds a strong reputation for quality seafood products globally and is a leader in the New Zealand grocery market.
Reassuringly for consumers, John West prides themselves on responsible fishing practices and innovative, high-quality offerings.

The Social Club were briefed to further grow consumer awareness, and cement John West as the preferred choice in the tinned seafood market.

The Work

We engaged influencers to hit notes for young professionals, and families - with all talent selected known for valuing their wellness through sharing their ways of living healthily. The task at hand for each influencer was to demonstrate how John West is their go-to healthy meal to keep them full and fueled.

Tuna isn’t often known for being funny, but the beauty of working with content creators is seeing brands
come to life in unexpected ways, and comedy really came to the fore!


Attention spans are shortening, and the the founder of entertainment app Vine once famously said “You now have six seconds to be funny”, so we were particularly impressed to see over 52K users watching the videos all the way through.

The campaign objective was to raise awareness of John West and spoiler alert we smashed industry CPM benchmarks, the food industry CPM benchmark during September 2023 sat at $2.60, so we aimed to generate a CPM of $2.60 or less. We successfully achieved this by delivering an overall CPM of $2.44, proving that our influencer campaign reached our target audience effectively.

Not only that but the influencer posts were flooded with epic comments like the following:

"Bro if they give you a tiny cut of the sales after that, you're going to be soooooo rich!!!!"

"John West Wednesdays 🐟 Tuna Tuesdays. I’m confident sales will go up 👏👏 🛒 🛍"

"😂🤣😅🤣😅 to be fair the brand will now be on my mind whilst looking for tuna after seeing

"I’ll take 100 cans right away!"