The Social Club


The Brief

Squishmallows deserved a whole lot of attention for their adorable, squishy plushness. Planet Fun engaged The Social Club to reintroduce Squishmallows and seek out that attention, primarily amongst Gen Z Kiwis.

The Work

The Social Club got to work, collaborating with influencers who could embrace emerging social
trends and create engaging, shareable content to highlight the unique appeal (and irresistible cuteness) of Squishmallows. Aesthetic lifestyle, unboxing and review content was soon flying around TikTok and Instagram, leaning on trends and capturing the hearts of the target audience,
while highlighting Squishmallows’ features and collectable appeal. A Squishmallow’s role is to be a comforting and supportive friend, especially during difficult times, and our influencers paired Squishmallows with other comforting - and sometimes surprising - items to showcase their versatility and appeal for all ages.


We created a Squishmallows craze that spoke to the hearts and imaginations of our target
audience. We achieved an impressive engagement rate - four times the industry average on
Meta - which showed we’d really hit the ‘awareness’ nail on the head.