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Asahi Vodka Cruiser

The Brief

Vodka Cruiser has been a popular player in the New Zealand RTD scene for a number
of years. With an exciting new ‘Sour Grape’ flavour to take to market, Socialites and
Magnesium were briefed to make magic happen.

The Work

Our team created killer content leaning into bright colours, Gen-Z slang and a retro
aesthetic to bring the 'now'-stalgia to Vodka Cruiser Sour Grape’s social personality. In order to capture the attention of our Gen-Z audience, we had to speak their language. Slay, extra, it’s giving, period, no cap, pop off queen, era, rizz... the list goes on. It may seem like gibberish to some, but our intended community understands it, and that's the jackpot right there.

Our campaign hinged on three main pillars:

● Product - Content focusing on the core product range and the new flavour to drive awareness.
● Big Fem Energy - Relevant cultural moments from the past and present – leaning into our creative direction of “Nowstalgia” and to connect with our predominantly female audience.
● Main Character Moment - When drinking Vodka Cruiser, we want everyone to have their “Main Character Moment”, when you feel like you own the world for even just a second, and that all the eyes are on you. This pillar drove our community growth and positive sentiment.


Not only did our US fans pass the test to become true Wellingtonians, we delivered above and beyond campaign goals. As well as staggering reach and impression results, the content piqued interest enough to surge landing page views to the site, meaning our US base got to know more about Wellington as a destination.