Tech in the Tron

The Brief

In this two-phase campaign, Socialites was tasked with promoting Waikato in a way that attracted diverse, skilled, technical talent, and businesses to relocate to the region. Our team focused on unique selling points such as the lifestyle; the ease of living and benefits of doing business in the Waikato and the opportunity to be a part of a burgeoning, leading tech hub.   

We wanted to tell the story of a proud, confident, future-focused and aspirational place that embraces new people and ideas. To do this we created a content-led campaign that put a spotlight on a diverse and unique group of individuals who have made Hamilton the city of their future. 

The Work

Our key audience was people across the country who were already employed or interested in the technology and innovation sector. Our team wanted to build awareness of the career opportunities and lifestyle benefits that come with being based in the mighty Waikato. We drove the audience to employment listings, business profiles and quality-of-life features. 

Working with a Waikato-based collective of business leaders called The Cultivate Trust, we interviewed and filmed a special group of industry ambassadors who were living and working in the region. The result was a genuine and true-to-life view of how Hamilton is the city of their future. The content was published on Meta, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Over the course of six months, we shared six videos, which were then amplified with paid media spend. This content drove clicks to the newly created Tech in the Tron website, and the videos received strong engagement and audience reaction contributing to an increase in market awareness and job interest


In the month of August, our videos proved to be an effective tool for expanding our audience. We saw this first-hand as our videos generated great reach on Facebook and Instagram – reaching over 300k+ users. Additionally, our TikTok Ads generated an outstanding performance of 373k+ video plays. LinkedIn performed well across the board and achieved all KPIs. The platform is a great natural fit for this type of content. 

In September, we observed a significant surge in the total number of link clicks for Meta platforms, which rose by 94.71%. This was due to an increase of Traffic objective promotions that lead to amazing results. We were thrilled to achieve all cost-per-mile and cost-per-click key performance indicators across all platforms.