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Wild Ferns

The Brief

New Zealand company Parrs Products LTD had a new skincare brand to launch: Wild Ferns Essentials.

Formulated with Aotearoa’s special ingredient, Manuka Honey, Thompson Spencer knew this beautiful brand deserved a special stage to stand on, and got right to work assembling a team to launch the brand and grow a community.  The immediate task at hand was to launch and raise awareness of the Wild Ferns Essentials brand. It was truly awesome to see the Thompson Spencer specialists come together to bring a meticulous strategy to life!

The Work

Our Thompson Spencer specialists came together, firstly with Socialites developing an overall strategy and concept that then got our production arm, Magnesium busy bringing the idea to life via a high energy shoot. With all elements produced and edited, stunning content rolled out across social, digital, and out-of-home channels…which had all been planned and booked by Thompson Spencer Media. An influencer-led component was an integral step in reaching the target audience, which is where our influencer arm, The Social Club, took centre-stage, hand-picking the best influencers from their thousands of social media contacts across the country. The collective efforts of Thompson Spencer specialists came together to create a teaser that got people wondering, a launch that created excitement, and now ongoing content and conversation that keeps Wild Ferns Essentials top of mind. All in all, it came together with a bang, or should we say with a buzz 😉